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API document v0.1

PEPEInu API v0.1

Current version of PEPEInu API consists of two parts:
  • JSON RPC, for the read-write operations.
  • REST API, for more verbose read-only queries.
v0.1 API is considered experimental: while most interfaces were stabilized, we're still working on the interface that could be declared "stable". Some of the v0.1 parts were designed a lot of time ago and may not be intuitive.
Also, this API may experience breaking changes, even though it usually doesn't happen often.
Stable v1 API is currently being implemented, and as soon as it's released, this API will be declared deprecated and scheduled for removal.


This section contains the description of endpoints provided by the PEPEInu server via JSON RPC.


The HTTP JSON RPC of PEPEInu server is available at \${PEPEInu_SERVER_ADDRESS}/jsrpc.
The WebSocket JSON RPC of PEPEInu server is available at \${PEPEInu_SERVER_ADDRESS}/jsrpc-ws.
Websocket support will be removed soon due to its instability.
All available API addresses for PEPEInu:
  • - JSON RPC for goerli testnet server
  • - JSON RPC for Mainnet server
Descriptions for all types presented below could be found on the types page.


account_info method returns known states of an account:
  • Address of the account.
  • Numerical ID of the account.
  • Depositing balances.
  • Committed state.
  • Verified state.
Inputs parameters
PEPEInu address of the wallet of interest
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